Eric Cooper has heart

Last summer Eric was given 6-12 months to live. He had begun to experience swelling in his feet and legs and doctors discovered that his heart was only functioning at 13% of its capacity. The diagnosis was congestive heart failure. Over the next month and a half of his hospital stay they pulled 45 liters of fluid from his body and he was told that he needed a new heart. He was put on a donor list and told to wait. Instead of just sitting back and waiting for a phone call, Eric decided to start praying.

After nearly a year of testing and praying Eric was told in May of 2019 that his heart was too strong for a replacement. With medication and exercise the prognosis is good that Eric will continue to regain strength in his "new" heart. I asked Eric where he was in his relationship with God through all of this and his response was, "when you receive a death sentence each day feels like a gift. I told God that every Sunday he gave me would be spent at church and I haven't missed a Sunday yet. My life has become simpler and richer because my heart is truly in His hands." Eric may not have received a heart transplant this past year but he has been given "new heart" and a new outlook on life.