Candice Fife found a home

After walking five miles in a terrible winter storm at the age of 23 and five and a half months pregnant, Candice found herself checking into a homeless shelter in New Jersey.  At the time the shelter was called Inner-Faith counseling, but today it is the well-known establishment named Family Promise. There, Candice met the founder (her now long-time mentor) Karen Olsen.  After being by her side during a three-day delivery, Karen got Candice into a fully furnished transitional housing, loaded with diapers and formula for the first year of her daughter’s life. Karen and her colleagues also taught Candice how to get back on her feet and provide for herself and her child.

Today Candice is the director of Family Promise Bryan County.  Her remarkable story of transformation is an inspiration to all the families that come through the doors of FPBC. I asked Candice what her take-away from her whole experience would be and this is what she said, “Don’t lose faith. Stay focused. The moment you lose faith is the moment you lose everything. Your faith is going to get you where you need to be because it got me where I need to be.”

Eric Cooper has heart

Last summer Eric was given 6-12 months to live. He had begun to experience swelling in his feet and legs and doctors discovered that his heart was only functioning at 13% of its capacity. The diagnosis was congestive heart failure. Over the next month and a half of his hospital stay they pulled 45 liters of fluid from his body and he was told that he needed a new heart. He was put on a donor list and told to wait. Instead of just sitting back and waiting for a phone call, Eric decided to start praying.

After nearly a year of testing and praying Eric was told in May of 2019 that his heart was too strong for a replacement. With medication and exercise the prognosis is good that Eric will continue to regain strength in his "new" heart. I asked Eric where he was in his relationship with God through all of this and his response was, "when you receive a death sentence each day feels like a gift. I told God that every Sunday he gave me would be spent at church and I haven't missed a Sunday yet. My life has become simpler and richer because my heart is truly in His hands." Eric may not have received a heart transplant this past year but he has been given "new heart" and a new outlook on life.